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What makes a great baseball or softball player? A combination of skill and smarts. Have you ever seen a young player field the ball, and then not know what to do? Itís not a skill problem. Itís a head problem. And Whereís The Play?® can help, because it teaches Baseball Smarts.

In their review of Where's The Play?, the School Library Journal said, "this fully interactive CD-ROM should be viewed by all young baseball players."

Coaches know that every time the ball is hit, each player on the field has a job! Obviously, at least one player will try to field the ball. But, every other player should also be moving: to cover a base, backup the hit or a throw or play cutoff. These are the defensive fundamentals every coach expects his team to know. And thatís what Whereís The Play? teaches:
How to play smart in the field.

Using interactive graphics showing all the basic defensive situations young players are likely to face, kids watch plays unfold, learn the right way to react, and with constant interactive feedback, correct mistakes.

Where's The Play? is unique. It's not a lecture like a DVD. It's interactive and game-like. Kids use their computers, where they love to learn, to click and discover baseball and softball principles on their own. Then, they apply that knowledge and play more proficiently in the field.

And, it's a great coaching tool, too!
You can use Where's the Play? when a field is unavailable or the weather's bad. Think what will happen when your entire team plays smart in the field.

Hear what people are saying about Where's The Play?®

Read what other people are saying about Where's The Play?®

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